Concerts at Ateneo, City of Knowledge

The star performers of the Panama Jazz Festival are featured throughout the week-long festival at ATENEO, the main theatre located in the City of Knowledge, Clayton (Ciudad de Saber). Concerts begin at 8 p.m. Free Parking is available next to the theatre.
To get there:
Once you are inside The City of Knowledge, the theatre is on Calle Maritza at Alabarca Street.



Gala Night at Anayansi Theatre at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City

The “Gala Night” concert of the Panama Jazz Festival is a major event that supports the music educational programs of the Danilo Perez Foundation which offers myriad classes to dozens of talented musicians, many of whom have few personal resources. The Gala, which will be held on Wednesday, 15 January 2020, will begin with the popular “red carpet” presentation of many of the Panama Jazz Festival performers, music professors, sponsors and others instrumental to the production of the festival.

Jam Sessions

Following the main concerts each weekday evening, many of the national and international musicians will gather at Villa Agustina  for Jam Sessions beginning at 11 p.m. and often continuing for several hours. The Jam Sessions provide a stage for professional musicians, and sometimes students, to improvise together and to exchange musical ideas. These are free to the public.




Music Clinics

Music Clinics, an important component of the festival, are master classes taught by leading artists who will be performing during the festival week as well as other guest teachers focusing on a variety of aspects of music (individual instruments or groups of instruments) as well as other related subjects (past clinics have included, for example, yoga for musicians and how to get over stage fright). The mission of these intensive clinics is to offer the highest possible quality of music education to Latin American students who are not able to attend high-cost foreign universities.



Danilo’s Jazz Club

An intimate, elegant yet fun and welcoming space, the 50-seat Danilo’s Jazz Club, will present shows nightly during the Panama Jazz Festival. It’s a chance for music-lovers to get more up-close and personal with the best of Panama’s national artists and some visiting performers as well. Adjoining the American Trade Hotel off Plaza Herrera in San Felipe (Casco Antiguo), shows begin at 9:00 p.m. nightly. Reservations recommended!



Music Therapy Symposium

Now in its 8th year, the focus of the Latin American Symposium of Music Therapy, is “music and health.” Founded by Music Therapist and accomplished saxophonist, Patricia Zarate, with other music therapist professionals, the mission of this “for-credit” symposium is to explain, disseminate, educate and demonstrate how music therapy can be applied in many settings addressing a wide variety of human needs. Held in conjunction with the Panama Jazz Festival, this professional music therapy symposium has become a meeting place for distinguished music therapists who share experiences, discuss and suggest applications of music therapy and develop, with colleagues, various programs. It is a unique platform at the festival that brings together students, health and music professionals (performers, composers, arrangers and musicians of all styles) who are interested in expanding their knowledge of and in-the-field use of the therapeutic aspects of music.

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Panama’s culture has been shaped by influences from around-the-world. Among these influences, one of the most dynamic has been the impact on the music and culture of the isthmus from Afro-Caribbean descendants. This symposium takes an academic and social look at the variety of artistic expressions that have penetrated and helped shape Panama’s diverse cultural scene. It is an excellent opportunity to learn firsthand from artists and other experts about the rhythms and other musical expressions that are present in the daily life of many on the isthmus.

Final Outdoor Concert

The much-anticipated closing day of the Panama Jazz Festival held in the Quadrangle of the City of Knowledge will begin on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. continuing until late in the evening! The spectacular concert will feature a variety of the PJF participating artists celebrating together with the general public in a “bohemian,” open-air atmosphere with the summer setting sun as a backdrop. It’s free and takes place in the open air on the grass.
Many attendees come in groups or in families bringing picnic baskets along with blankets or low chairs to sit on. Food and beverages will be on sale as well. Parking is limited and attendees are encouraged to use public transportation to the Albrook Terminal and board special buses destined for this fun closing event of the festival. Note that this closing concert is extremely popular so please plan accordingly!




The Panama Jazz Festival has become a stand-out as a center for music auditions for a number of prestigious music programs including well-known North American universities. To learn more and apply, please follow the link to the specific website of each school providing auditions. Please note that the application process for each school is unique to that school.