Traveling to Panama

Panama is a country located at the southeastern end of Central America. Its official name is Republic of Panama and its capital is Panama City located on the Pacific Ocean side of the country. The country extends mainly from west to east connecting South America to the rest of Central America and North America.


Spanish is the official language; but many Panamanians speak some English.


The official currency of Panama is the “Balboa.” And one Balboa equals one USA dollar. All USA currency is valid for use in Panama. In addition, Panama mints coins of its own that are equivalent in size and value to USA coinage.


We recommend bringing lightweight clothing (including a pair of long pants or skirt), a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. While casual wear will serve for most occasions, something a bit more formal for some events may be appropriate. A sweater or light-weight jacket is recommended for air-conditioned spaces like restaurants and some concert halls. Sandals and comfortable walking shoes are also recommended.

Note: For most banks and all government buildings, shorts are not allowed.

How to get to Panama

The Republic of Panama is an airlines “hub.” Many airlines serve Panama, often with direct flights from major cities in North America, South America and Europe. Copa Airlines, the official airline of the PJF, has daily flights to and from more than 40 destinations and is usually the fastest way to get to Panama. If you are driving, you can arrive from the north by the PanAmerican Highway, which runs through Central America. (Note: The highway system does not connect Panama to Colombia in South America.) If you come by sea, you can disembark at one of our ports, either at Colon on the Caribbean-Atlantic side or at Panama City on the Pacific side of the country.


Panama is a tropical country located just 9 degrees north of the Equator. There are two major seasons: The Dry Season which usually extends from late December through April and the Rainy Season which extends from April into December. While the Panama Jazz Festival is in January in the Dry Season, occasional rain is always a possibility. In the Dry Season temperatures reach into the mid-90’s F. with relatively low humidity.


Holiday Inn
Ciudad del Saber
Ohana Bed and Breakfast
Wyndham Panama Albrook Mall
American Trade Hotel


Panama Metro

The first Metro System in Central America, is easy to use. From the Metro stop at Albrook, buses will be available for transport directly to the City of Knowledge (Ciudad de Saber).

Alquiler de Autos

Alamo Panama le ofrece las mejores ofertas en alquiler de autos, como paquetes especiales para alquileres diarios, semanales o de fin de semana.



La mejor manera de llegar a Panamá es a través de líneas aéreas. Copa Airlines, la línea aérea oficial del PJF tiene varios vuelos diarios a Panamá es la forma más rápida de llegar. Si viene conduciendo, puede llegar por la Vía Interamericana, la cual recorre Centroamérica. Si viene por vía marítima, puede desembarcar en uno de nuestros puertos.


Getting Around the Panama City area

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