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Panama Jazz Festival

The focus on the art of music, education and cultural expression are synergistic features that support the Panama Jazz Festival mission resulting in a dramatic positive impact on the lives of hundreds of young Panamanians who might not otherwise have had opportunities to develop, demonstrate and share their given talents.

For nearly two decades, the Panama Jazz Festival has served as a platform for this mass cultural, social and educational exchange. Not only Panamanians but students and professionals of all ages from many countries and from various social classes have met to share their visions and to learn from one another through interdisciplinary projects that cover all aspects of music in a setting of high academic quality.

Going forward, thanks to support from the Panamanian government, private companies, NGOs, hundreds of volunteers and a growing loyal public, the Panama Jazz Festival continues to grow as a national celebration. All participants, whatever their contributions, work to meet the challenge to cultivate and enhance the artistic, educational and cultural aspects of the festival reaching outward “From the Heart of the Americas to the World.”


Reggie Johnson

The 17th edition of the Panama Jazz Festival will pay homage to Reginald “Reggie” Johnson, an important Panamanian saxophonist, very worthy of the honor.

The eldest of three children, Reggie Johnson was born on 17 November 1939. From a family that loved music and performance, Johnson’s mother played the Hawaiian guitar and his sister, Marva, was quite an accomplished tap dancer—a skill she passed on to her older brother. During his adolescence, Reggie and Marva performed complex tap dance routines in club houses and other music venues in both Panama City and in Colon.


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